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5 Super Foods to Power Your Immune System

As we age, our ability to fight infections naturally decreases. Our immune systems are also weakened during the winter months, no matter your age. Luckily, there are foods with immune-boosting properties that you can add to your diet. Consider including these foods in your diet to help increase your flu-fighting power in the upcoming winter season:


1.     Wild Salmon: Eating wild salmon at least twice per week provides your body with a natural source of Vitamin D. This powerful vitamin is essential to your immune system’s ability to kill bacteria and other viruses.

2.     Pumpkin: Carving pumpkins for Halloween? Save the pulp to make pumpkin soup or roast the pumpkin seeds for a savory, immunity-boosting dish. Your body converts the beta-carotene in this seasonal squash into Vitamin A, which helps spur the production of infection fighting white blood cells.

3.     Mushrooms: Asian mushrooms, such as shiitake and oyster mushrooms, are rich in beta-glucans (a type of carbohydrate) which promote the production of white blood cells. White button mushrooms contain selenium and riboflavin, both of which help fight bacterial infections.

4.     Lean Beef: Lean beef contains iron and zinc, two nutrients that help fight infection, viruses and parasites as well as the antioxidant selenium, which defends and repairs immune cells. Limit portions to 3 ounces.

5.     Legumes: Packed with iron, zinc, and vitamin B6, which helps create lymphocytes, legumes are a great source of immune boosting-power.


Challenge: Try cooking dinner tonight with three of the five aforementioned items.

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