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105 and Ready to Drive!

Edythe Kirchmaier, age 105, has officially claimed the title of oldest driver in California, having passed her license renewal test last Wednesday. The Santa Barbara resident described the test at the DMV as a “snap” and says she has no qualms about driving at her age, pointing to her perfect driving record. In her 85 years of driving, this great-grandmother says she has never been in an accident—or even received a parking ticket. Her license will need renewal again in 2017—when she’ll be 109.  
Kirchmaier began driving in 1927, cruising around in a Model A Ford when she wasn’t attending classes in graduate school in Chicago.  Kirchmaier says that back then, “there were no rules of the road.” When she was growing up, “the roads were narrow and there were no signs saying 55 mph or anything like that.” 
After graduating, Kirchmaier moved to California with her newlywed husband and has remained here ever since. She has volunteered at a non-profit, Direct Relief International, for over 40 years. Direct Relief International’s mission is to improve the health and lives of people affected by disaster, poverty, and civil unrest. Edythe has supported the agency’s relief efforts in Haiti, after the Japan earthquake, and with Hurricane Sandy victims.  
Kirchmaier is also reported to be the oldest user of Facebook, the popular social network. The secret to her longevity? Edythe says happiness and her ability to avoid worrying about things that she can’t control have helped her stay sharp.  
Home Care Assistance wants to know: how do you plan to support healthy longevity so you can still be driving at age 105?

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