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10 signs a senior needs assistance

-Dr.Kathy Johnson, PhD, CMC

I read this great article from Caring.com that lists 10 noticeable signs that might express the need for assistance for an elderly relative or friend. These signs were taken from a recent story in the Chicago Tribune, and any combination of these signals should be further looked into. The signs include poor hygiene, poor nutrition signaled by weight loss, decreased upkeep of one’s home, poor health signaled by fatigue, forgetting to take one’s medications, bruises that might signal falls, disorientation regarding time of day or surroundings, changes noticed by friends and neighbors, unpaid bills, and finally, being financially taken advantage of.

Even after noticing these signs, it can be hard to get an elderly parent or friend to realize they need help, because many want to maintain their independence. This is when family members can look into the many different options of elder care, such as companies like Home Care Assistance, that can help seniors maintain their independence while still getting the help they need.

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