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Meet the Team

Home Care Assistance of Greater Chicago was founded with a commitment to the health and well-being of our caregivers in addition to giving back to the community. The owners of the business have many years of management experience, professional health certification and the passion to put their clients’ needs before their own. A brief profile of some of our team is provided below.


Margalit TocherMargalit Tocher (President)
Margalit is responsible for ensuring that our mission of providing the highest quality, most reliable home care service is being fulfilled. She also manages the day-to-day operations of the business. Margalit works closely with Loryn (VP of Client Care Services and Development) and Izabel and Ray (Staffing Coordinators) to discuss each client’s particular situation. This process includes assessing the client’s special needs and requests. The team then collaborates to identify the ideal caregiver for that specific client. “It is very satisfying to know that we have helped make a positive impact on our clients’ lives by allowing them more independence in a safe environment,” says Margalit. “Our caregivers are the best in the business, and it’s very rewarding to work with such hard-working and caring people.”


Loryn B. Kogan (VP, Client Care Services and Dev.)
Loryn works with our clients and is also responsible for developing and managing relationships with professionals in the senior living and medical communities along with area business community members. She leads marketing initiatives to increase awareness of Home Care Assistance and its services. “Working with our clients, in addition to building our referral network, is the best of both worlds. It is exciting and rewarding to be part of a team that ensures our clients are receiving the best care possible,” says Loryn. “Our emphasis on quality of life and staying independent is such a positive approach to living.” She brings a strong marketing background to HCA and years of experience working with older adults at one of the premier senior centers in the country.


Izabel Szymanski (Staffing Coordinator)
Izabel is responsible for many of the behind-the-scenes activities in the office, including caregiver recruitment, training, and scheduling.  As a former caregiver, she has first-hand experience in the complexities of caring for others and deftly pairs skilled and compatible people with our clients. “My experience as a caregiver comes into play constantly as I work with our team.  We work together to care for and honor our clients so that they can enjoy each day – what a privilege.”  Always available and with a smile on her face, Izabel ensures that our clients and caregivers are happy and prepared.


Ray Hall (Staffing Coordinator)
Ray, along with Izabel, is responsible for caregiver recruitment, scheduling, and training. He strives to find caregivers who excel in their profession so that the HCA team is as qualified, caring, and strong as possible. Ray also helps to coordinate the in-house training of our caregivers in HCA’s best methods and practices via our HCA University program, which includes courses in our Balanced Care Method. Ray says that “…every time one of our caregivers walks in the door, my day brightens. Our team goes above and beyond each and every day – it is truly humbling.”


Beth Hafter (Office Administrator)
Beth manages our office. She combines her prior years of management experience in multi-national professional service and consumer products businesses with a passion for making sure the office works to deliver outstanding care to clients. “It’s great to be part of an organization that can have such a powerful impact on the quality of life of our clients and their families.”


Norberto R. Kogan, (Co-Founder)
Norberto is a co-founder of Home Care Assistance of Greater Chicago.  He is part of the firm’s Board of Advisors and management team, helping to set strategy, design programs and select the company’s key personnel.  Norberto also oversees the company’s financial management.  He brings over 30 years of business and entrepreneurial experience to HCA Chicago.  “It is rewarding to provide valuable, caring services to seniors and others.  I am proud that we are so selective in choosing caregivers and ensuring that we match clients with just the right person.  The big investment we make in training caregivers always shines through.”


Jordan Feiger, (Co-Founder)
Jordan is a co-founder of Home Care Assistance of Greater Chicago. He is part of the firm’s Board of Advisors and management team, helping to set strategy, design programs and select the company’s key personnel. Jordan has held numerous leading positions in Chicago area businesses, including as a senior executive of Navistar International Corp., and is currently CEO and President of Victor Technology LLC.  Jordan’s family has been involved in the Alzheimer’s association of Chicago ever since his grandmother suffered from Alzheimer’s more than 25 years ago.  “I am proud that HCA is committed to changing the way the world ages.  Our proprietary programs such as The Balanced Care Method™, specialized caregiver training delivered through HCA University, and focus on delivering the best Alzheimer’s and dementia care programs really make a difference in our clients’ lives.”